Marissa Lelogeais is not a person defined by her disabilities.

If you ask her she will say: her “life is music, and music is her life.” While studying at Berklee College of Music, she was so moved by the music and story of Bob Marley and the people of Jamaica that she decided to write and record roots reggae music. Since then, Mar has even had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica and immerse herself in their music and culture. Now an adult with a blossoming career, Mar is the band leader and lead vocalist of the empowering movement: The Merry Rockers. Through song and story, she shares her views on inclusion from the perspective of a functionally alter-abled person and consistently wows audiences in all settings - be it on stage as full band show production, in front of a conference as a keynote, or inclusive break out session education forums.

For anyone with challenges she has the following advice - “To never give up on their dreams. You may think that your dream is unattainable. Believe me, I did. But when you’re determined enough and have people that support you, anything is possible. You might not be able to do it to the same extent as someone who doesn’t have any disabilities at all, but you can still do it.”